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1     Your privacy is really important to us, and we only ask for information that will improve your experience of this site.

2     We’ll only use any personal information you have provided to personalise the site or to communicate with you.

3     We HAVE NOT, nor DO NOT, and WILL NOT pass on any personal information to third parties without your consent. Anything you give to us is safe.

4     If we have any great offers to share with you, or important news or changes, we’d like to email you from time to time. If you don’t like it, just ask us to stop.

5     We’ll only use cookies on this site to help provide you with a better experience, which might not be the same without them.

6     We want you to find great surfwear and swimwear. The information side of things is fully within and covered by the Data Protection Act 1998.


1     Use of this site is subject to Terms and Privacy, which may change over time, and using it means you agree with them, or please just don’t use it.

2     We give you a free to use independent and online service, so you can compare products provided by third parties, and help you choose what to buy.

3     We want you to use this site as much as you can, but please don’t use it in any illegal, fraudulent or nasty way.

4     Intellectual property rights and copyright is ours or our partners. Again we want you to use it, unless in an unlawful or damaging way.

5     Care is taken to make sure information here is correct and up to date, any liability for loss or damage from use of products remains with the third parties.

6     Third party sites are run by third parties, we want you to be careful so check what you buy and their own terms and privacy.

7     If you register with us, great! But in the same way we are responsible with your data, you are responsible to keep your own information up to date.

8    We try hard to give you a really good site to use, but if you have any complaint please contact us and let us know (in case, we work under English law).

Last updated: May 2010

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